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AMF uses a numeric rating system designed to differentiate our coverstock strengths. F10 least aggressive - F90 most aggressive. Note: Core dynamics must be taken into account with shell strength when selecting equipment.

Escape with CFT core

The Escape was designed to provide a strong midlane read and continuation down lane. To do this our designers wrapped the Continuous Flow Technology™ core CFT in an F74 hybrid shell. They then finished the shell off with the NEAT "T" 4,000 grit finish, providing amble strength for heavy to medium heavy conditions. The Escape will handle higher volumes of oil than the Unreal™ and provide more midlane motion than the Pure™.

Attributes    Tech Specs
Coverstock F74 Hybrid    Weight        R.G.     Diff  Mid Diff
Color Blue & Cobalt Pearl / Black       16 LB  2.47   0.052   .030
Finish 4,000 Grit NEAT "T" 15 LB  2.48   0.051  .030
Core Type CFT™ Asymmetric 14 LB  2.52   0.045  .025
Sku# GES 13 LB  2.59   0.045  .010
Available Wts           12-16 LB. 12 LB 2.65   0.035  .008
    Drill Sheet