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AMF uses a numeric rating system designed to differentiate our coverstock strengths. F10 least aggressive - F90 most aggressive. Note: Core dynamics must be taken into account with shell strength when selecting equipment.





For the first time AMF is utilizing the Asymmetric SRC technology. It is paired with an F74 coverstock and NEAT "T" finish. This low Rg strong cover combination will be sure to bite through any oily lane condition. Get your FREE Green Mamba jersey with every purchase (just pay S&H).

“NEAT” is a new Natural Engineered Abrasive Technology that offers both enhanced aesthetics and surface topography on the bowling ball. As opposed to conventional abrasives on the market, “NEAT” has a multi-layer uniformed placement of abrasive structures that allows for superior surface area contact, which yields a more consistent surface across the entire bowling ball.

Attributes    Tech Specs
Coverstock F74 Weight  R.G.  Diff 
Color Purple/Yellow 16 LB  2.532  0.055 
Finish NEAT (4,000 grit) 15 LB  2.542  0.055 
Core Type Symmetric 14 LB  2.557  0.055 
Sku# 1781-51-XX 13 LB  2.576  0.054 
Available Wts           12-16 LB.       12 LB 2.623  0.043 
Magic-8     Drill Sheet